Benefits of joining

The Online Academy offers easy-to-digest, digital courses that are expertly designed to improve multiple aspects of young people’s lives. Topics range from How to Start Your Own Business, Writing a Killer CV and Successful Habits to Public Speaking, Employment Opportunities and Money Making Ideas, plus many more essential life skills.

The course content, presentation style and accessibility is based on international best practice combined with feedback received from thousands of young people who have attended Pride Factor events and completed online surveys, and is constantly being updated and improved.

Each course is hosted by aspirational role models and presented in a concise and conversational style via a series of episodes that can be accessed at any time and on any form of digital platform. Links to related content, interactive instructions and digital workbooks, as well as motivation and advice, are included throughout.

A Certificate of Achievement is issued on completion of each course and students are motivated via prizes and rewards, along with Pride Factor’s unique ‘Earn Whle You Learn’ offering.

“It’s like a new-age digital finishing school that teaches the life-lessons needed for the transition between schooler / student and adulthood. It’s absolutely brilliant!”

– Vuyo Joboda – (Pride Factor student)